Let's write a poem.
Choose a topic
One topic.
A word.

One word with multiple meanings.
What word?

Let's write about Layers.
Not the layers that coat
Or cover.

Let's write about the layers of our lives.
The layers of evolution.

Let's be transparent
As clear as we can be.

And let's be detailed.
Afterall, what's a poem without details?

Let's have a party where everyone will get to share a layer-or two- about you.
We want the person who knew you when you were happy
To connect with the person who knew you in your despair.

Each will tell a story about their experience with you.
They'll toast to the things they didn't know that they learned today.

Everyone will arrive with gummies and chips and of course, an open mind
Prepared to learn the many layers of you.

Each tale will be different.
That person will speak of when you were the biggest cry-baby on the block.
While the guy over there will speak about your ever present star quality 
The girl over there, in that back corner, will tell of how much Love you had to share.
And another will tell of how hard you fight to display that Love to yourself.

We'll invite old friends and new.
People you've recently accumulated.
Like ____ who will speak with delight of how courageous you are.
Right after _____ who speaks of your fragileness.

Everyone will learn something new about you 

No one will judge you 
Everyone will understand that you are like an onion
(and they are too)
The more you peel
The more you reveal
The more that's revealed
The deeper you become
So deep that tears begin to shed
For the many lives you've led.

And that will be your Poem.

Everyone will learn something new about you and most of all, you will too


  1. OMG!!!!!!! That brought tears to my eyes!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!! Oh, did I say that I love it! Haha