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We had an amazing show yesterday with Frenchie Davis from American Idol & The Voice. In fact, it was our best show to date (in our humble opinions). Check it out by stopping by:

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theKNU Episode I (Valentines Day)

Our premier episode is simply a click away. We talk Shift, Love, Sex and Food with the sexy Chef Bailey.
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What's Up?? the KNU

Here's the skinny...

I've been extremely busy and focused. Thus, the reason I haven't been around these parts. Between my classes and WE Moment the KNU, I'm one focused, busy and blessed gal.

WE Moment has dissolved. What was once three has become two and it's wonderful! WE are super determined to take this show somewhere enjoyable, inspiring, fun, original and SKY High...SKY HIGH! We've been working on the website, the banners and this little video. Our plan is to release a video after every show (a short summary). The name is pretty simple..its a KNU day...all around!!

Our approach has also shifted. WE want to keep it fresh and entertaining so expect interesting guest, deeper conversations, more laughs and whatever else pops into our little heads.

In the meantime, please share with your friends and thanks for your support, beautiful people!