A Shoulder To Cry On

That's exactly what I needed today. There are a few things taking place in my life at the moment and I needed to wallo. I go about life always trying to think positive and stay focused on my outcome. But today I needed a friend that would listen and not judge.

My best friend, for whatever reason won't return my calls and another friend completely dumped me because she wasn't comfortable telling me she was seeing her on-again/ off-again guy....blah blah blah. And of course theres that old tear -jerker itself: Money and what the hell do i wanna be when i grow up?! ANNNDDD...I'm PMS'ing. But whatever....

When you have these realizations, all at once as I have, it gets a little heavy and I'm a cancer (a cancer that doesn't deny my tears) so i needed a shoulder to cry on. Life ebbs and flows and today is a not-so-happy moment and all I wanna do is cry all day. No denial necessary. I know that I'll get through it all but today....I just wanna cry, DAMN IT!

And K, listened for 5 minutes without judgement. Listened to me cry...Thank You, KDG!

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