Growth brings new potential. When you're open to receiving them, the possibilities keep coming. But distraction is easy and often. I've recently checked in with myself and have noticed that there's an obvious distinction between being on my game and slacking.

I usually slack when I haven't been meditating. I'm more anxious, less tolerant and (as previously written) super hard on myself. Meditating is the path to inner freedom. I was on a steady path but fell short over the past few weeks. Work, spinning and simply enjoying the moments of life took center stage. And although fun, I felt disconnected to my center. For me, it's important to connect in that space every morning. I'm off when I don't. Because I struggle with guilt, I allow it to fester. Damn Life! The frustration then seeps into my relationships causing subtle examples of miscommunication. Arrrgghhh

But it takes a moment, a quick second to re-focus and remember. We often forget that we have the power to change any outcome. We have the opportunity to adjust in a second. Just take a beat and breathe. Remember that you have all the power within.

Don't forget to mediate to maintain your foundation. 

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