Searching For Satcitananda

Satcitananda is a combination of  three Sanskrit words, Sat meaning truth, Cit meaning consciousness and Ananda meaning bliss. Lately, I've questioned the presence of truth, consciousness and bliss in my life. Actually, I know that they exist, but often, I fail to recognize them.

Growing up in a religion based on fear has made a lasting impression. After suffering for a long time, I decided to investigate certain behaviours in my life and I saw that fear was a thick layer of emotion. We spend so much time existing on the surface that we fail to realize the garden of love and beauty underneath.  

Truth, consciousness and bliss (Satcitananda) is the path to freedom. You can instantly unleash the hold, but here's the rub... one moment becomes the next and another and the path to liberation becomes work that must be calculated at every moment of every day. Your progress report comes when you recognize that you spend shorter periods of time suffering. And eventually suffering becomes a thing of the past.

I know only a few people that live in this state of consciousness. They walk in Satcitananda and silently encourage us to accept that we all walk in truth, consciousness and bliss as well.

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