This Is Not The Story You Think It Is... A Season Of Unlikely Happiness

After celebrating a bff's 40th and getting back to Jersey in the wee hours of the morning, I just had to wake up early today and finish this book. Why sleep in when you have a wonderful tome waiting to be devoured? 

Remember how I mentioned those whispers? Well this book was another example. I've been into memoirs as of late and someone mentioned this book. I knew from the first sentence that I was allowed an entrance into someones personal crisis. 

She begins the book with this:

"At this moment in my life, I am strangely serene. In fact, I may have never felt more calm. Or more freed. Or more certain that these things owe themselves to a simple choice: to accept life as it is."

Now, dear reader, if you've been following this here blog for awhile, you should know that I am of the new-age metaphysical type. Sidebar: I don't consider myself new-agey, but I know that's how people relate these days. I simply consider myself on a search to accepting God's love.

K, let's continue. The book takes off from that point with Laura going onto explain how she reacted after her husband announced that he wasn't sure he loved her anymore. It's an honest and humbling account of how living in the presence releases one from suffering. It's a freakin good book! And there's no preachy-ness involved.

She tells her story from a perspective of trying something new. Instead of choosing suffering Laura describes her process of self-renewal and restraint. She speaks about the pain -body (without out right calling it the pain- body) that we all encounter. And mostly she speaks of living your life and taking responsibility for your happiness.

This book could not have come to me at a more perfect moment. But isn't that how life happens anyway? There are no coincidences, dear friends.

Whatever your personal journey or path, I recommend this book for your summer reading list, you're sure to devour it, as I did.

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