Take It Easy

Here I am, chugging along, resting and nearly Losing My Effin mind because I haven't worked out in two weeks, when I tried to go for a walk. But get this....not only did I attempt a walk, I dared venture out while talking on the phone in a pretty heavy conversation. The more I walked, the deeper the conversation became and guess what? I nearly lost my balance and fell over. I had to get off the phone and slowly get my hard-headed azz home. I've had a fever all day as a result of me not taking care of myself.

It's amazing what surgery does. Especially to someone like me. I perceive myself to be quite fit so (in my head) i'm ready to get back into the gym. But 10 minutes into a walk or a conversation and I'm winded. I pushed myself way too far today and now I'm home suffering for it. I'm learning the hard way...take it easy. There's a reason it's called a 6 -week recovery.


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