Progress Report

If you've been on any path (spiritual, physical, mental, financial) you understand that there is a time when you are required to check on your progress. I've recently been confronted with this. I availed myself to someone that I thought I would not see again (well...for a few years anyway).   

Some people may think, "They don't deserve your company" or even, "You are going to get hurt." This last bit tickling me because I never said "we are getting back together." That's why I didn't tell anyone. I used to run and tell friends like a giddy little girl seeking approval, until I learned that opinions are like___ and everyone has one. The only one that matters...is MINE! So mums the word! 

Besides, I really wanted to see this person, in a way that I hadn't known. Sometimes we spend so much time in anger that we forget the human in front of us. As I sat in (insert name here) presence, I was delighted by the character God created. I started to notice certain physical characteristics that, in my rush to Love, I hadn't seen before. Such as the beautiful shape of their eyes, much larger than I remember. Or a strand of hair that swayed elegantly in contrast to its counterparts. I heard inflections and accents previously silent. Most of all, I enjoyed myself and released any anticipation of a desired outcome.  

There is definitely growth to behold here. A certain patience and self-forgiveness abounds and you understand that trusting the process, releasing expectation and allowing life to work on your behalf is the only requirement.  

So go ahead, check in with yourself every now and then. You might be surprised by who you've become. 

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