My favorite places to eat in LA

I'm a foodie. That means, I like to eat and cook and especially go out to eat. No, let me get that right...I LOVE to COOK and I LOVVE to Go Out To Eat, equally. So in the spirit of food, I'd like to list a few of my favorite places to eat here in LA.

Pasta: Farfalla Trattoria on Hillhurst. They have the most amazing Salmon Pasta! It has peas and is cast in a wonderful Vodka cream sauce. Amazing, this pasta is. However, I can't eat it too much. Pasta and the bloating-ness is a bit much for me. 

Fries: Another guilty pleasure. And ironically the best fries come from a place in Eagle Rock called The York. It's a bar/ restaurant with a cool east coast vibe and the freakin fries are to die for. I can't get enough of them. But alas... I can't eat em too much. 

Pizza: Mario Batali has a win with Pizzeria Mozza on Highland. The sauce is sweet and savory and the dough reminds you of Half Italy and Half NYC pizza. A perfect find here in La La Land.

Burgers...Sorry, I don't eat em so I can't judge.

Burritos: Pinches in Culver City, gets my vote. It's again, a huge lump of alot of stuff but so damn good and the flavors burst in your mouth.

Salads: It's surprising that we, in LA, don't have more salad bars. Tender Greens is cornering the market with several locations popping up throughout the city. My favorite location is the Hollywood location. It's a cool vibe, they actually have shrimp that you can top the salad with and the arugula is so fresh. Yup they win for me!

Sushi: Although its 50 miles outside of the city, it's well worth the drive. Wa-Fu of Japan in Orange County has the most unique rolls. The sushi is wet...in a good way. It wanders around in your mouth and every item is a wonder to behold. The restaurant is a small place in a gas station/ strip mall but world renown. I Love IT!

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