Here I go...

I'm experiencing a freedom otherwise void in my life. NY in the summertime is one of the best places on earth. And the inspiration is electrifying. I'm writing everyday. In a cafe in Park Slope, on a bench in Union Square or even on my Mom's porch in Montclair. My creative juices are freshly - squeezed here. Thoughts come from everywhere, ideas pop out of me like a hot, buttered biscuit and the joy? I'm open.

My mind has been filtered, no longer cautious about what awaits me in LA (or not). I've surrendered to the Universe and amazing ideas and people are stepping in. NY is a book writers town. In fact, I'm starting to wonder...why do I live in LA?

But I'm also aware that NYC in the summertime is romantic and a fairly tale. And my azz hates the winter! Hates the winter. Did I say hates the winter? I dare not retreat to my old ways of living...running. The discomfort I'm feeling doesn't mean move to the other side of the country. The discomfort will pass in time. No more running. Stay and get your affairs and life in the order you want them to be, J.

And so it is...

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