Attacker and Victim

A man accused of sexually molesting a hotel maid in NYC has been arrested. Now, don't go telling me that this is last weeks news-I'm smart enough to keep up with the times. No, ladies and gentleman, another foreign man of power has been arrested today on charges of sexually abusing another hotel maid. This time, the accused is a 74 - year old Egyptian banker.

I can't help but be put off by the pompousness of these men of power using that power to abuse woman who, appear to have no power. I'm also not naive enough to believe that this is the first of such bad behavior. However, I salute the woman bold enough to use their power and honor themselves. The fact that this latest example has taken place, only weeks after the former alleged attack, speaks volumes to A) the arrogance of the declared attacker and B) the bravery of the presumed victims.

I have no doubt that because of the previous reported attack, the current victim felt comfortable enough (with such an uncomfortable theme) to speak out. When a community of people use their voices to stand for something, you are indeed effecting the masses. Such was the case with Martin Luther King Jr and civil rights, Harvey Milk and gay rights, last years Egyptian protesters and human rights and many others. We all have a voice and need to/ should and can defend ourselves when violated.

I pray for both, the alleged attackers and the victims as something in each has been violated.

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