Alvin Ailey

Look at her body!!!

A friend took me to see the amazing Alvin Ailey dance troop tonight. What an experience! I've seen them several times before and I never tire of watching them.

What these beautiful, healthy, committed and talented people do with their bodies blows me away, inspires me and truly, truly make me want to unleash my dreams!

It is so important that creative types support other creative type. We get re-ignited by watching others live out their God-given gifts. Their dreams fulfilled make our dreams peek even further.

I'd like to go again as they'll be here until the 24th. Tonight's opening performance included Revelations- A celebration of the 50 year Anniversary of Alvin Ailey. This one I had seen before, but was in awe still.

You bet I WILL go again before the end of the month!!!

You coming with me?

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