"Marry Me"

Every girl wants to hear this and these were the words whispered to Callie by Arizona last week. Moments later...BOOM!!!! Callie goes through the windshield.

I LOVE GREYS ANATOMY! Tonights episode was a continuation of last weeks with a twist... It was Musical. This episode was even more superior because it focused on my favorite couple, "Callie & Arizona".

I loved the musical, I loved Sara Ramirez as the lead singer in the episode (I just love all things Sara Ramirez) but the singing was AMAZING!

Some of the performances were kinda hokey, but the romance, the dueling Arizona & Mark over Callie & baby, the pain in Arizona's eyes as she was faced with losing the woman she'd just proposed to...Way to go Shonda Rhimes! Way. To. Go!

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