My Bucket List

I've never written one, but I figure I might as well since what I want is around the corner and it's important to be specific.
**I was also told that I NEED to write this...so here is my Bucket List:

10) Skydive - I'm no daredevil but it's the ultimate form of release and trust...so why not!

9) Own a home in Malibu...on the beach (gotta be specific). And if that's #9, wait till we get to the top.

8) Write an Emmy winning episode of Greys Anatomy where Ellen Pompeo's acting chops garner her the award. I know her day is coming, she simply needs the best material. And there will be dancing, plenty of it!

7) Live to see a cure for Aids & Acne. Both!

6) Donate 20 (or more) Heifer Goats a year.

5) Hang my brothers first Vogue-Cover-shoot all over my Bathroom Wall.

4) Own a flat in Paris. OWN!

4.1) Gap ad with my smile & body. Enough said. 

3) Publish a novel.

3.1) Write a scripted prime -time show for OWN.

2) See my Mom fall in love with a handsome, respectful man that adores her.

2.1) Learn to Live Fully In The Moment! 

1) Enjoy a loving, intimate, respectful relationship with someone that is ready, open and available to me...and I them!

1 comment:

  1. 1. ditto
    2. and me...
    4.1 so u
    5. y the bathroom
    7. I do too
    10. I'd come