A rain post

It's raining in LA and because we rarely experience a downpour such as this, it takes on a sexy motif. The streets are clear, the sky is dark and the sound of raindrops bouncing off pavement is tranquil. A mystical sensation of nature.

I love the rain...but I haven't always. I used to despise it; focused on its inconvenience as opposed to its beauty. In my past life, rain meant money (or no money). When it rained customers wouldn't shop, thus, I would miss my goal, thus, i'd miss my bonus...a sick cycle of commerce. With age and distance, I'm blessed to be of a more liberating, less materialistic mentality these days.

Rain has a unique power to make us still, and because LA is such an outdoorsy town, it also forces us to go inside (physically and mentally) and wait and watch and listen.

It's meant to rain all week, when it subsides we are left with nature at her finest. The greenery is vibrant, the air is fresh and the smog has momentarily cleared. I love the rain in LA. Watch out for the rainbow.

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