Lessons Learned

As this year draws to a close I'd like to remember what I've learned about myself, the world and others:

Miracles are possible  
Everyone is doing the best they can
Human beings must honor other human beings
Speaking your truth is liberating 
You can dramatically change your entire life in one year, one month or one day 
Attempting to understand someones point of view is, in essence, empowering yourself 
Music is my sanctuary- one song can change your spirits and define your current state of mind 
The ego is weak (that's a powerful lesson) 
You can never change another person
Good friends ROCK! They call you when you are at your self-proclaimed worse, even if you've neglected them for awhile. 
When people are mean it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. However, you have a choice: don't be anyones doormat.
All wounds eventually heal - You determine how long to keep them open
Self-Love is the most important love of all
God is always speaking to us - are we listening?
Greys Anatomy is the best show on earth!
True love may be a risk, but when two people are ready...it is a wonderful process of discovery
Nature is a better healer than Tylenol
And finally, the biggest lesson I've learned this year is that, "I'm still learning and thats OK."

Peace Peeps!

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