I'm afraid of you.
You and I have danced this odd tango before
I twist
You turn
You trot
I crawl

Occasionally our rhythms connect and we create a wonderful bliss
Shortly thereafter one of us becomes anxious
I long for more as you reach your climax

I draw to you when I'm sad
You respond best in my melancholy
Words flow
Thoughts leap
Passions emerge
And they color our union into a wonderful design of sequined dreams

Sometimes our sentiment is less twinkle...more faint
I return to you
With compassion you embrace my torment
I crave you
You force me to release my self-doubt
I reach for you
You engage me
I thirst for you
You ignore me
I cry for you
You enrage me
I jones for you
You delight me
I smile for you
You understand me
I exist through you

Thank you Writing, for saving my life.

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