Reach Status. An It Gets Better Thread. For Gina.

Let me tell you something... you are going to grow up hearing alot about what you should or should not do. But there's only one thing you MUST abide by...your intuition. Your Momma will tell you to do this, the church will tell you to do that, your friends will force you to try many things and your job will encourage you to be them. Only you rule your Universe. Once you understand this fact, nothing can stand in the way of your greatness. You may meet someone who attempts to indulge in your light... unless they're worthy, leave them to bask in your shadow.

So often we are told who we should be. In reality, we simply ARE. Quit hiding in the I AM NOT and march boldly into the vastness of I AM. You are beautiful and should use that beauty to get ahead in the world of allure. You are sexy and just maybe Playboy isn't a dream deferred (for you at least). You are smart and Bill Gates needs a predecessor. You are wise and old age shouldn't solely lay claim to this accomplishment. You are Love and someone, somewhere is worthy of understanding (they may even be delighted by it). Most of all, you shall be all of the above without anyone's permission. You were born one and until pretty much after 18, you've lived as one.

So here you are. Ready to reclaim what was yours all along, no man or woman can petition your soul. Although in the past you've submitted...leave it there.  Today, experience the liberating perspective of Authenticity. Let everyone you encounter touch your joy. They'll spend days...months...years even trying to emulate it.

Steve Jobs did it, MJ too, even Oprah reached status, why can't you?

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