Hello Beauties!

I haven't blogged in a moment and life has taken such a wonderful twist. All that I now see has always been there, yet I had blinders on. The 40-day meditation went exceptionally well. So well that I became depressed on day 41! Imagine that.

I was so focused on my daily meditations and writing that when it was no longer a requirement and I didn't apply myself to the daily act of sitting with myself...I was at a loss. This is called Chemicalization. Chemicalization means that things are coming out in a better state of affairs than ever before. At first it's a little jarring. You feel that you've done the work, been on your path and are pretty successful only to suddenly become depressed and confused. A common element of chemicalization. It's all the bad stuff leaking out of your system, like detox. Except that it comes when you least expect it. It's good. All good and very natural. Now, believe me, that's easier to say on the outside. 

When you are in it, there is nothing good to behold. It's dark and mucky. But remembering your center, your ultimate goal will always bring you back to joy.  

I enjoyed sitting with myself. I enjoyed the opportunity to surrender and allow God to work through me. And several amazing opportunities were presented. In fact, I almost missed a few of them. I can become uber-focused and I'm very good with the "tunnel-vision" aspect of life. When I no longer had to sit with myself, my mind had to take a moment to readjust. 

Here's a sample of what I learned:

~I enjoy writing and meditating every morning and I've made it a continuous practice in my life.
~I so enjoy having a radio show and now accept that this is one of the reasons I came to LA. Stay tuned for our new show WE Moment launching in December. The show is a French Kiss for your Soul.
~I love talking about spirituality. It's my fav! And that's what we''ll be discussing on the show. (And entertaining you at the same time).
~I love designing and have been helping a few friends beautify their homes. It's fun!
~The friends I've allowed to walk away are still in my heart yet now isn't the time for us to connect. It's all a part of the master plan. I'm no longer sad about this. I simply allow.

And the most important lesson:

~Allow. Allow the process that the Universe prepares for me to unfold in its divine order. This may sound hokey but pulling, grasping and clutching will only cause confusion and anger. Simply allow life to unfold as it will and you'll get further than imagined.

Life is Great!

Sidebar: If you're on Twitter follow us at "We Moment".  The show launches December 10 at 4pm (PST). There will always be the podcast but try to listen live and CALL IN!! It helps! We need all the support we can get!

Thank You- Thank You- Thank You!

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  1. yOU're a funny woman. and what's even funnier is that i can now hear your voice when i read what you're saYing. that didn't happen before. always good to read your worDs, even better to catch them in my ears during our hiKes.
    (and thaNks for pOsting my blOG. i'm "UbeR" grateful. lol.)