Watch What Happens When You Dream Big!

What's your dream? Have you written them down? Visualize? Mediate? 

I'm going to tell you what a few of my dreams are:

To have a beautiful home in the Hills of Los Angeles with a massive outdoor space, a few bedrooms and an amazing view.

To use my passion for music and knowledge of spirit to enhance the lives of others internationally via media.
To travel to Brazil. Nigeria, Spain and the South Of France next year -2012!

To get a show on OWN!!!!

To be in a loving, caring, gentle relationship with someone that is just as invested in me as I them.

Oh and I so want a White 2012 Mercedes Benz C250 Coupe! (See below)
I'm on day 29 of the 40-day abundance course and the number one reality I have is...I can be anything. I can dream anything. I can have anything. Abundance is mine. I have to believe and apply the work with that belief. The law of Attraction is a wonderful thing and the TRUTH! Trust ME!


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