40 Day to A New You

I'm on day 6 of a 40 - day abundance course. There is significance to a 40-day focus: Noah & his ark, Moses at the mount, Jesus and his fast and Buddha under the boddhi tree. You can dramatically change your life with a 40-day focus. 

I'm actually doing this with a group of people. A friend is a life coach and she's guiding us along this journey. We awake to a different affirmation each day, meditate on it, visualize then journal. I've also taken the initiative to add another element to my practise. I am going to work-out every day for 40 days and include strength training, something I abhor. So far, so good as I'm about to finish this blog and hit the gym.

I am in a place in my life where I feel stuck. I know that there's a huge, talented world out there for me, yet I am not quite certain of the specific path that I should or must take. I'm talented in many areas of life and this can prove to be a curse. If I were only good at writing I'd write (All day, All night). I'm also an athlete, a great artist, an unselfish motivator, an engaging host and many others. Jack of all trades, master at none.  (That's another thing...I'm super hard on myself). I want to master something and excel at it with reckless abandon. I want to travel the world with this new-found gift, make money with it, share it with the world and build my brand around it. The question is...WHAT IS "IT"? I'm also excavating certain people from my life and inviting others in. I've allowed myself to play small far too long. And longer than that.

We all have a choice to make. We can practise this for 40 days and return to our familiar ways of thinking or we can approach this abundance course as a door to complete life- transformation. I choose the latter.
There you have it folks. In 40 days we will all bear witness to Jade uncovering her talent and erasing the fear induced blocks and small thinking. I plan to keep you posted as to my progress. Pray for me, vote for me, root for me and if you can't do any of these...just send me loving vibrations.

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