Tears Of Joy

Have you ever been there? In a space where you just feel joy and complete love? That's where I sit today. A few days ago, I was leaking tears of pain and today is the complete opposite. (But isn't pain subjective? I mean, I could have looked at those tears as joyful, yet my ego was producing a darkness that I couldn't escape.)

Nothing major has transpired between then and now, except that my mind has chosen to acknowledge all the beauty that I behold- including the beautiful people in my life. That same best friend that I spoke of earlier is so dear to me and we still haven't spoken, but we've been in one another's lives since we were 14- years old. Now we're taking a little break. That's allowed. She understands my love for her and I know her love for me. The other friend is still vacant and we possibly will not reconnect the same way. That's OK as well. We had good times over the past few years. 

I have great people in my corner that have allowed me to see what friendship is. Something I thought I'd mastered only to learn that it goes deeper than ever imagined. And then I have my new spin friends....good people indeed.

The MONEY subject. Hmm...honoring my talents guarantees that I'll be super rich. At the moment I am living my best life because I am living my most authentic life. Teaching spin and co-hosting this show as well as the other projects that have recently come my way are a signal that life is a phenomenon...all we need do is see the moment for what it is. 

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