Who Broke The Rules?

Who Broke The Rules
Violated that sacred place known as your innocence
Who removed that drop of naivete’ before you could acknowledge its presence
Did this behavior leave you resistant to faith
Further tarnishing the perception of You actually Loving You
Who Broke The Rules
Have the tables turned
And have you been blaming self 
Or have you fallen prey to those manic addictions
Has sex become something you offer as self- sacrifice
Or do you abuse food to comfort your disoriented self-image 
Maybe commerce is your retreat
Do you find yourself purchasing compliments   
Or does your pain reveal itself through the scrutiny of others
They say “Glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”
Yet you offer Bullets
Who Broke The Rules
And have you alone been the sole victim
In fact do you seek others formerly living in that crevice of impoverishment you call home  
Do you even care to learn of their ascension
Or is the destruction they escaped too heavy for you to examine
Might it leave you to confront your current state of accepted stagnation 
Who Broke The Rules
And would you ever consider forgiving yourself
And finally Liberating them

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