Paint Your Mirror

You may remember a few months ago I was speaking about moving. Here. and Here. 
I was set on getting the hell -up-outta this current place. "It was too small, I disliked the neighborhood, I want a sofa." Well, I sat waiting and waiting and...nothing. 

I live in a studio, an adorable, brandy-new studio. When I initially moved here it was meant to be temporary - until I could get my ish together and get back into a one-bedroom with an outdoor space. I prefer my living environment to be clean-lined and coordinated. When I moved here, I didn't care what was in my place, I just needed a cheaper apartment and in that vein, I gave no concern to the furniture. In fact, in my haste, I gave away most of my good items, including my beloved sofa. However, there was one item that will stay with me forever and ever...amen. 

I have this floor length 5 by 6 foot mirror that I purchased when I lived in Providence years ago. It's a beautiful Victorian piece made of a soft walnut. It encompasses the whole of one wall. If not for this guy, I could fit a sofa in my place. But, as my brother says, "This mirror will be an heirloom."

To get to my point...

A friend was over a few days ago and we were chatting about my place. I was lamenting about my desire to move when it suddenly hit me...paint your mirror. It has been my intention for over a year to stain this piece a pearly white. I am attracted to all white living rooms and had been visualizing my next home to be complete with white sofa, chairs and this gargantuan mirror.  HERE.  Yesterday, I decided to finally paint it! It looks wonderful and fresh and makes me feel as if I have a new home.

You see, dear reader, that's been my theme all year...accept where you are. Often (and maybe this only applies to me) we say we'll wait until this or that to make something happen or change anything. Ever realize that a month or a year has passed and you're still "waiting"? Along with painting my mirror I'm simplifying my space by finally getting rid of this huge TV (you know the kind with the box in the back? So two-thousand & LATE!). I'm also adding (finally) some sort of seating arrangement, even if it's floor seating. Uhh, maybe that should read: low to the floor seating. I'm not trying to force Buddhism on my visitors.

Who knows if after I've completely rearranged this space, I'm suddenly relocated to, say...Santa Barbara. That's quite possible, probable even. The point is, I am here today and I want to live comfortably so Damn-It, I painted my mirror! You should try it. Go ahead, paint something in your home. It's refreshing. 

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