Midnight In Paris

I had the opportunity to see this amazing Woody Allen film last night. It was a treat and I almost blew it as my fatigue started setting in and I told my friend I'd rather get a drink then retire. It's a good thing she convinced me otherwise. This movie rocked! I can't wait to own it.

Paris is my favorite place in the world (I have yet to experience Brazil, so let's say favorite thus-far). Anywho, the movie is a delight, some are suggesting it's Woody's best yet, but let us remember Vicki Christina Barcelona. Midnight ranks right up there with it, in my book.

The movie is about an American writer who, while visiting Paris, wanders the streets alone at midnight. As he passes one particular street an old-time motorcar offers him a lift. He gets in and suddenly finds himself transported back to Paris of the 1920's. He then meets his (and our) artistic heroes, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Cole Porter and many others.

I love that Woody poses the central question we all consider, "What would you do if you could go back in time and live in a world that you thought was better than your own?" As you watch the movie you are given an instant history lesson. I myself, sat there calling out each character that appeared on screen, it reminded me of art school and how I fell in love with the Surrealist and the many artist of that era. My friend had a wonderful chuckle on my behalf.

You don't have to love Paris or be a fan of Woody Allen to enjoy this gem, but do yourself a favor and like Gil (the main character) take yourself away for an hour and a half and allow yourself to be transported back to a wonderful time.

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