Psst...I have a secret to tell you: I'm God-Loving. Yup. Me, the girl with the funky hair and the unlimited accessories. The girl over here rocking the the sheer dress and polka-dot bra. Yeah, me the girl with the 4-inch, red, peek-a-boo pump loves herself some God. And be careful because if you enter into a conversation with me, you just might find yourself journeying down an esoteric road. 

You see, dear readers, it's my favorite subject. Well...let me be honest, I can also wax poetic about Michael and Janet and shoes but we're being spiritual here. Spirituality was something I grew up with only to reject and later find myself immersed in.

And I'm not a bible toting fanatic. Relax. I just love to speak about the deeper meaning of things, people and faith. Even for those that have no faith (or say they have no faith because acknowledging it would mean you have something...right?) But don't be alarmed. My version of spiritual talk comes in many forms.

For example, this past weekend I was enjoying a wonderful conversation with a friends husband about the growth process; how we all experience a pitfall here or there but we are so much better having gone through the tough times. That, to me, was God -talk. We didn't say the name "God" but I know that because of God, I was able to confidently have this conversation.

The only time when I'm not able to speak from a place of faith is when I'm PMS'ing. As I've mentioned before, It's a beast. I lose my confidence. Faith, fear and yearning- unwillingly endorse me. Yuck! I'm now able to see the pattern and simply Shut-The-Eff-Up! There's a maturity that comes with recognizing your Space-of-mind and stepping away. I used to be worse. I would allow anger to withhold me and rage would erupt. I don't choose to live there anymore. Love is the choice Du Jour.

It's my love for God within that has allowed me to surface. And I'm still a novice. Imagine what I'll look like/sound like when I'm fully a living example of grace...watch out now!

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