Duking It Out...

I just read an article about this guy...

Christian Louboutin

fighting this guy in court...

Yves Saint Laurent
...because YSL has developed an all red pump for their 2011 Resort collection (out in December). WTF?! I mean, really YSL, I can't even find a shoe to post a photo of because that isn't your forte'. Don't you know Louboutin has the red-sole market cornered? People who purchase his shoes do - so for the "sole" purpose of that RED Sole!  

It's like the battle between 80's rappers, The Real Roxanne and Roxanne Shante. The Real Roxanne won! Or like that Bikram yoga guy fighting...errr...yoga?! Yoga will always win over Bikram. ((Just sayin.)) They were first. Get the theme?

Sure YSL, I give you credit for establishing your brand damn-near eons ago. But come on, the red sole!?! Dude, you lose this one. That red sole was created in 1992 because the genius (that Louboutin is) wanted to be different. And that he is, my friends. That he is. But this isn't even the funniest bit of this court case. 

Apparently, the judge is deliberating the case by looking at the many shoes the attorneys hauled out as evidence. Imagine that. Cracks me up. Ha

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