Move. No, literally...MOVE!

When I get stuck on something it's difficult, nearly impossible for me to let go. Ironically, if you look at my history you would believe I was a go-with-the-flow-kinda-gal. And indeed I am. But I'm also a gal with a huge ego. And not in the ego-sense of putting folks down. No, my ego is more self-deprecating. But that's a different blog. This blog is about being open. 

Pour example...I've always loved the Beachwood neighborhood here in LA. I've told myself numerous times that I would live in Beachwood, "That's me" I would naively say. Denying myself the various options to live in this vast, wonderful city. As I'm in the job searching process, my choices are taking me further away from said, neighborhood. And would you believe there was a point when I considered not applying for a particular role because of my "dream" neighborhood? Yeah, I get a little stuck, It's a good thing I have great friends that vehemently talk me off the ledge.

Over the past few days, I've been driving through "other" neighborhoods to get a feel for the vibe. Keep in mind that I moved, not only to DC, Providence and LA sight unseen, but also London. I'd never visited the country until the day I moved, bags in tow- no turning back. Yet I'm hemming and hawing about moving 10 miles away! Damn, this getting old, set in our ways, is for the birds. 

I crave to be carefree and as adventures as I was 10 years ago! I want to take risk and return  with fabulous stories to tell. But what do I do? I keep it safe because I fell before and God knows one can only fall once in a lifetime. Bullocks!

So yeah, that's me on my soapbox, encouraging the fear-filled Jade to open up to the possibilities and live. I'm listening. Hell, I might even jump to it. Watch-Out-Now! In the words of Tupac:


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