Changing Direction

For awhile, I've felt that I was in the midst of a shift. In fact, my most recent horoscope mentioned that between June and July there would be significant changes occurring in my life. It's true, things in my life have taken a wonderful turn for the better. But I can't say that anything happened overnight.

I've been praying for peace for the last three years. I was expecting answers to shoot down from heaven and BOOM! there ya go. But that isn't the way life works. It took me being open to see that the answers I was searching for, were within. I already had them. I simply needed to sit still and listen.

I've mentioned it here before, but I'm embarking on a new (yet old) direction where my career is concerned. This new world is sure to keep me busy and ironically, I perform best (in all areas of my life) when I am busy. It's the sitting around thinking, over-thinking, analyzing and making up delusional stories that have gotten me in trouble. Too much time on my hands makes for a wacky J. 

Until I develop a proper website, this blog will be a combination of things that I adore most:
Music, Working-Out and A Few Of My Favorite Things (such as shoes, furniture ect) as the title says. This will allow me to keep focused on the other aspects of my life which have recently been taking my attention away from writing. I'll still write, because writing is what I plan to retire doing in a few years.

I've decided to train for another marathon this year (hopefully New York), so I'll be sharing my training process here. My spin classes are pretty solid and that info will continue to be posted. And finally, I seek shoes out where ever I can. In fact, I'm in the process of building my career around shoes, so expect more fun photos and comments.

I'll see you guys sooner than later. Stay true to you and remember...

When you're ready for something, the Universe conspires
-Paulo Coehlo (From my favorite book The Alchemist)

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