The tracks of my tears

I'm a cry-baby. This is a known fact. When in conversations with folks (specifically intense conversations) my tears inevitable flow. I used to despise this about myself. I just couldn't seem to break that barrier and have an emotional discussion sans tears. In many ways, I'm still the same. Lately however, my tears have come at the most unimaginable moments (at least for me). You would think that I was in the midst of menopause. And I'm not PMS'ing either. For example, I was watching a silly viewer-submitted video from abc news a few days ago. A graduation/ fathers day/ birthday video meant to be uplifting. While watching the video, I started whimpering. My tears eventually became a full-on cry. (Here's the video)

Another example: earlier today I witnessed someone I care about do something "ego-filled" to someone else, embarrassing both individuals. I wept for the unspoken pain we were all observing. 

A friend was telling me a story a few days ago. She and her mate of six years were temporarily living apart and seeing one another only on weekends. She said that it felt as if they were "dating again." The school-girl-glee in her voice bought on the eruption and...you guessed it...waterworks. Tears of pure love, not envy or ego. I can only attribute it to the allowing process I've decided to accept and the work I've been doing. Viewing life (and people) from a place of pure love and feeling the tug when some else allows fear to guide them.

I'm enjoying who I'm becoming...tears and all.

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