What you see is what you get

Because I am not physically ready to get back into Adams amazing yoga class, I've been taking longer meditation moments. It's the first thing I do when I awake. I don't use a traditional approach. In fact, more often than not, my practise involves praying and visualizing in addition to sitting still. Even my time-frame isn't consistent. As much as I try to dissolve it, sometimes the monkey-mind (which is the chatter that appears in mediation) takes center stage. I used to fight it or stop my meditation when thoughts took over. I've since learned to allow it its space. When I do, the chatter quickly subsides, and that, my friends is our lesson for the day.

Just as with the monkey-mind, in all aspects of our lives, when we allow them their space, be it anger, sadness or frustration, they eventually dissolve. It's akin to giving a child his moment of crying, kicking and screaming. Because they expect resistance the tantrum immediately ends when they see you are not fighting it. As with most things in my life, it's a constant practise and this past week has been a battle. My pain-body has been surfacing, I see it as an unbalance within. Something in my core has gone array forcing me to see only the darkness. Theres the rub.

You choose the way you want to view the world. Even if things appear as they've always appeared, you choose what to see. In the choosing, we can make the change happen. I'm learning to believe in miracles again. I'm learning to believe in people and human kind once again. But this is only "real" because I'm learning to believe in myself again.

Through mediation, breathing and focusing on truth, I'm learning to see the world beyond my ego and the sneaky pain-body.

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