I wear my sunglasses at night...

she kinda looks like me. blah!

I forgot my sunglasses. Left the house, got in the car, headed south on Highland and realized my sunglasses were nowhere to be found. To some of you, sunglasses add to the Los Angeles obnoxiousness. But hear me now: when you spend 90% of the year behind sunglasses, you feel rather naked without them.

I used to think it was a facade. Everywhere you went, everyone was behind sunglasses. But dude, we really need our specs. It's like living in the Bronx and rocking your Yankees cap, sunglasses and Cali go hand in hand. 

When I first moved here. I vowed that I wouldn't do it. I will not hide behind sunglasses and contribute to the damn LA pretense. It would kill me when I went to Runyon Canyon and saw EVERYONE wearing sunglasses on a hike. Why would anyone wear sunglasses on a hike?!?! These were my Coo-Coo thoughts. Then...duh...it hit me...

We live in a desert and the effi sun is ridiculously bright and its hurts our eyes...YEAR-ROUND! Remember, we don't have cold, cloudy winters (we have June Gloom and that freaky Apocalypse rainy thing we had last month- but even then there is sun). 

Getting back to my eyes...

Six months after living here, I stopped my foolish behaviour and bought a pair of sunglasses. And Nooooooo I didn't purchase just any....I went for the Ray-Bans..hell, why not?!

If you really want to know my truth...yes I do rock them inside. Would sport them on the spin bike if I could. In NY they wear knit hats, in London it's all about the skinny jeans and dirty sneakers. We on the left coast, live behind our lens. They are our identity. Imagine Jack Nicholson without sunglasses? He's no longer Jack Nicholson.

Get my drift?

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