This is one of the most powerful words in the world. I used to "think"  I had a bundle of faith. I would go to church every Sunday, pray at night and I didn't use curse words. (I'm serious about that last bit). It wasn't until I grew older and began experiencing many tough emotional lessons that I recognized I wasn't practicing faith. I was, instead saying I had faith but living in fear. 

I had to fall hard before I would understand that I was never alone. Years of tears and trying to force someone or something to be who I thought they should subsided. I began to care less about them and to walk with the firm understanding that I was/am OK. Better actual...I Am Living a wonderful life!

I may not have the relationship, car or house of my dreams...YET. BUT I have a FULL life, vital health and super good people in my corner. Most importantly, I let go and the Universe zipped right in.

To get there I practised the following approach to life...

1) Listen to What YOU Say. Often we speak from a victim perspective, always blaming, pointing the finger or doubting. Words are super important. My words would consist of being unloved or forgotten or not respected. It wasn't until I realized that I was living in this space that I finally broke free and changed the course. Once I did, all things began to fall into place. It's been a beautiful struggle. As I'm approaching the other side...the person everyone thought was so happy FINALLY is! Yes, Yes!

2) STOP TRYING. You already have everything you need, stop gripping and forcing things to be the way you think they should be. Allow the process to unfold...and it will. Set It Free!

3) Mediate. This could be yoga, a walk, exercise or the old school format of sitting in silence. Whatever you choose, make it a habit, watch your breathe and quiet the mind enough to listen to what comes in. I promise, a lot will come out. Guaranteed. 

4) Remember the human being in front of you. This is a full statement enough. How you treat the bank teller and supermarket employee is paramount to how you will be treated. Walk with the knowing that every human being wants to be heard & loved. When you are feeling moody or tired and there's a human in front of you, step out of yourself for a moment and listen to him. It's powerful.

These four things helped me turn over a new leaf and I see the results. Feeling these results makes me want to continue my practise. I'm excited about the person I'm sure to unveil.


  1. Gotta say Your blog has changed the way I am thinking about myself at the moment. I need to print this out & read when I am struggling with myself....

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thank you Sarinya...we are all in this together.