Damn Near 40!

There is something to be said of wisdom. I have a friend who is in her late twenties and she thinks she knows it all. That's the thing about the twenties...they hold a naive fearlessness. I find it amusing to watch and listen to her. I can't wait until she's my age and reflects back on herself. Oh the laugh she's sure to have. That's what happens...in your thirties you look back and cringe at your gullible twenty-something behaviour. 

The early thirties could best be described as the time of transition. Growing out of the twenties can be a world wind. You begin to vacillate between who you used to be, to thoughts of who you "should" be. I personally spent five, tough years in this stage. I left a lucrative career behind with big dreams of grandeur. I started floating through life with a very blase attitude and living recklessly. I call it my rebellion moment. And boy was I spiralling! It wasn't until I crossed the 35 hump (36 to be exact) that I learned to stop trying so hard and start appreciating the wonder surrounding me.

Each of us is different. We don't all follow Erikson's Stages Of Development in complete sequence. Some people move effortlessly from one stage to the next. (Not many people, after all, everyone, at some point faces trials.) As I draw closer to 40, I'm excited about the changes I see in myself. The strength that I've prayed for, I now feel peeking through. I see it in my friends as well. The stages of life are amazing when you sit back and allow life to proceed. No over-analyzing...just enjoy the ride!

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