Blog Questionnaire

This blog- questionnaire crossed my path and I thought why not answer:

1) Is your blog always about you?
It's always my point of view so yeah. But isn't that what blogs are anyway?

2) How many people comment?
Ha. I never get comments on the actual blog, in person, I always do. Go figure.

3) How many times a day do you check your blog?
Really? I plead the fifth.

4) What do you Love?
Janet & Michael
My Hair
Inspiring people
Love (again)

5) Do you share personal information on your blog? 
Hmm..I think I do and I think I don't. I can be vague and not insert the entire story. I'm saving this info for the novel. 

6) Does your Mom read your blog?
She has the link, but I don't think so.

7) Do strangers read your blog?
Uhh...strangers don't know my blog because I choose who to share it with.

8) Who do you want to read your blog?
Uhh...see answer above Sherlock. 

9) Do you share your blog on Facebook/Twitter?
Nah, no longer my scene.

10) What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?
Just using it as a vehicle for expression.

11) What have you learned from your blog?
My blog? Don't you mean, "What have I taught?" That's a weird question, I'm not answering.

12) What advise has your mom given you that you use today?
Why are we suddenly talking about my youth? This questionnaire is weird but...let's see...I'm very different than my mother and brother. Uhh...my mother (and grandmother) are really sweet, sweet ladies. There sweetness is attractive so I guess I'm the same? Be Sweet. Is that an answer? I dunno....go with it.

13) What do you wish your mother would have taught you?
OK, now you are hitting below the belt. But I'll answer honestly. Here goes: When someone says that they might hurt you, this usually means THEY WILL HURT YOU so SLAM THE DOOR! Yeah she didn't teach me this, I had to learn the hard way. Hey, you asked.

14) Where do you live? 
You jump from my mom to where do I live? Random. Peace - OUT!

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