Universal Alignment

I believe in Universal Alignment. I believe in a master-plan that's larger than we could even imagine. Over the past few weeks, I've witnessed well-deserving people in my circle, come extremely close to realizing a dream, only to then be disappointed when said "desire" withdraws. It breaks my heart as I see their hearts crumble.

While I watch them in despair, I marvel at their confidence, self-awareness and bravery. The individuals I speak of are so focused on their dreams that I, who sit in awe of them, almost want to whisper "hold on, your miracle is right around the corner." However, I know that this is the last thing they want to hear right now. They want answers, solutions and...gigs! (Let's keep it real.)

The multiple opportunities to fulfill their dreams are on the way. I want to shake them and remind them of Cinderella, or Snow White, or Dorothy from the Wiz. Hell, I could just remind them of my life adventures.

I could tell them about the many great Love's I've had that I thought, for sure would last forever. I can tell them about the heartache I experienced each time a lover walked away. And I can remind them of my financial struggles, how I just couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I, to, hated to hear "It'll get better." Oh, that's the worse thing you can say to someone in despair! It'll get better isn't putting money in anyone's pocket today or actualizing a dream (so we think). It'll get better are just words people say. I so get i!

In truth, IT WILL GET BETTER. Dark days are meant to make us appreciate the light. Everyone experiences them. I am finally at a point where I get it: My plan really is limited. God's plan, is vast. Why not let go and trust that?

Letting go is tough. You still experience pain and a world of the unknown. Tears continue to flow and frustration is insistent. But letting go, is sometimes the only thing you can do. This was my biggest lesson.

I thought my last relationship was "The One." Together we were dope. Our chemistry was perfect, we enjoyed a lot of the same things, we were spiritually connected...I could go on. But when this relationship went sour, I did everything to hold on, in spite of myself. And dark days became darker. My moment of clarity came like a big gulp through a skinny straw; it choked me! 

At that moment, I stepped out of my self-loathing and decided that I hadn't lost anything and I let go. It was a beautiful relationship; I gained so much more. And that's what I want to tell my folks who are going through right now. But I can't. 

I can however, keep a watchful eye as their miracles unfold. They may not feel it, but I can feel their shift. Just as some of you out there felt mine. Thanks for the prayers...Pass It On!

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