Our America- Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling is beauty and brains to the nth degree. I knew, years ago, that she was larger than The View and seeing Our America every week justifies this fact. This is the best show on TV!

Our America (on Oprah's new OWN network) boldly goes where no other show has dared. Whether she's interviewing sex offenders or trying to understand transgender people, Lisa is not afraid to offer her honest opinion. In most cases, her opinion is one of disagreement, yet she doesn't have a brash judgement. Her approach is "I want to understand you, so tell me more." Her journalism tugs your heartstrings and pushes your buttons at once. 

This show asks the right questions. Lisa questions the perpetrator, Lisa questions the victim, Lisa even questions those of us too afraid to ask the questions. The daunting details of the subjects offer an inside view of the places in America we ignore, yet are fascinated by.

I'll repeat, This Is The Best Show On TV! And lucky for Oprah to have the amazing, beautiful, Lisa Ling on her team! Score O, Score!

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