"Only abundance attracts abundance."

It's taken me an, insanely, long time to understand the truth behind this reality. I used to subscribe to that line people think is the greatest, most romantic thing you can say to a person. You know the line,  "You complete me."

It wasn't until i realized that i, myself am the one I've been waiting for... that I got it. I had to come to a genuine understanding of who i was before it finally stuck. And you know what else I was able to understand? People attract that which they are. 

Or, should I say, people are attracted to that which they need. All relationships are assignments. My God if this isn't the ultimate truth!!

I'm happy. Today I am happy. It's taken me a long time to genuinely say this and everything is not perfect in my life. I am still excited about my lovely, forthcoming relationship, still searching for a larger apartment, still trying to understand what the hell my dream is..etc. etc.

But I have good friends, a mother that loves me dearly, a brother that loves me, a fun job, my health (before and after my forthcoming surgery) and I have love. Lot's of it!

I'm happy...and happy to finally be able to say so, honestly. 

Happy Valentines Day Beautiful People!

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