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A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of lounging at the infamous Soho House with a friend from out of town. The Soho house is a members only joint, yet not overly pretentious or dated. They have sister lounges/hotels in London (where my friend is a member) & NY.  There is a beautiful 180 degree view of LA and you might spot a celebrity sitting on the sofa next to you. In other words...it's a swanky place to be.

The following evening, while having drinks at Fat Fish (one of my favorite Happy Hours in LA) I commented to a friend how I so want to do these things again. I want the freedom to meet up with friends (local and afar) for a cocktail at a chill location. 

Today, I connected with another friend for lunch in the cute, little town of South Pasadena. I'm sharing this story with her and adding how I simply want to meet up with friends and enjoy them when, POOF! It hit me...

The desires I speak of, I'm experiencing! 


Everything, that I'm saying I want...I have. I'm living and playing victim by complaining. How often do we do this? How often do you eat at a great restaurant and half-way through your delicious meal you find yourself saying "this is so good, I can't wait to come back." How often is the weather providing a perfect day and you say "I hope it's like this tomorrow"? You're here, at his moment and you can't get out of your own head long enough to BE IN THE MOMENT! (Yes I'm yelling...more to myself, not you)

This was an Ah Ha moment for me. I'm manifesting everything I need/ desire/ want/ HAVE and not taking in the moment. Crazy!

I've been so wrapped up into thinking about what I don't have, that I neglect the wonderful blessings in my face.

Tisk Tisk, J. Tisk Tisk.

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