What do I wanna do when I grow up??

I'm having one of those interesting moments/days/years...whatever. I just can't get a grasp on what I wanna be when I grow up. Hmm...

I used to be corporate girl and thought that I'd do that forever. NOT.
I once wanted to be an actress but...that moment passed.
I wish I was a more committed writer because I'm good at it but...still nothing.
I can paint but haven't practiced enough to get it out anywhere.

My brother so inspires me. He picked up a camera one day for fun and never turned away. He dug deep into it, taught himself some things, went to a few classes and eventually left his day job to become a photographer. That's now his life. 

I so wish I was that aware of my path. The truth, my path has many roads. I'll start something one day, a few days or months later, it's a wrap. There's one thing that I've know I wanted and could do.

When I I took my first spin class, I knew...I want to do this and I could do it well. You see, it's the combination of music and exercising that get my blood rushing. Music really, because when you have good music, the workout becomes second nature. The music carries you. For realz!

Music. That's what I love and can do all day. Find new songs, new artist, simply scout for new ish! I love it! But how can I put my passion to use and still make money? Spinning is fun and challenging 3 times per week, but Lawd knows...it ain't lucrative! Just fun.


I'm searching and open and ready to be who I came on this earth to be. As for now, this is what I know...
I have this Amazing Presence (Thank God I got it back after my lazy/lost last year)
Passion for music
And desire to travel the world!!!
Help Help Help!!! (That's me talking to me)

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