When does it end? Don't we wish we could simply close the door, turn the light switch off and suffering would disappear?  Do you think suffering is a choice? Maybe an addiction? We walk through the streets and see so many people suffering, in pain, unaware and lost. Even those that are smiling, they too suffer. They simply know when to reveal it. Or maybe not.

Maybe they never reveal their suffering, even to themselves. Drug addicts don't see themselves as suffering. Neither do sex addicts or alcoholics. Hell, even shopaholics don't think it should be called suffering. 

Don't you wish everyone was like you? That everyone would simply suffer, admit it, go through the pain, then Poof it's over? Because of course that's how you approach it, right? 

***That's me being cheeky here.***

I know not how to get through the suffering stage of life. I know that we simply have to trust _____ (insert whatever or whomever  you want here-but I'll trust God) and believe in the power of the process.

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