Ga-Ga for Greys

I'm late. 

Like, 4-5 years late, because I've just discovered the AMAZING story telling, script writing, scene stealing power of Grey's Anatomy. I started watching this amazing show one night after returning from class with more energy than I've had in forever. I turn on the telly and there she was...Christina Yang-played brilliantly by the talented Sandra Oh- going through her post-traumatic stress. And since that evening, I've gone back to season 1 and am slowly getting through the 144, hour- long episodes. Whew!

I've always heard this show was good, but TV hasn't appealed to me in a few years. Well...not true. I LOVE The Food Network and Showtime. Let's just say...network television hasn't moved me. But Greys is forcing me to believe again.

I believe in Storytelling.
I believe in Great Actors.
I believe in Miracles 
And hell, I even believe in Romance after watching this show.
Damn TV.
I think this show just might ruin me.
Who cares.
I'm hooked!

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