Griffith Park

Dear Griffith Park,

Months ago, you and I began what would become an uninterrupted journal entry. When Ro invited me to join her on her weekly hikes, I didn't know what to expect. Sure, I've had a few encounters with you, but one can never fully grasp your expansiveness without visiting often. My chance hike has lovingly become a twice- a- week necessity. When you and I connect, I leave with a greater understanding of myself and the Utopian community of love I have within. Your greenery amazes me, your silence inspires me, your range astounds me and your confidence impresses me.

I no longer view you as physical exercise, for you've become my mental saviour.  I learn so much about myself. When doubt creeps in, I leave my fears with you and with compassion, you accept me, sans judgement.

Ro and I, start our journey downloading. Trying to piece together a portion of this puzzle of life. The winding, uphill climb allows us to dissect ourselves, rip apart the parts of us that no longer serve us and after the hour and a half trek, you have wrapped us within your healing foliage and we conclude with a better version of ourselves. I have been changed because you've forced me to view the greater awareness I hold within.

You've provided me with a dossier of my life. Your thesis includes the moments I made myself small to please someone else, the moments of trying too hard, the envy I camouflaged as gossip- when I disliked certain behaviors- and the cloak of martyrdom I chose to wear. You've also shined a light on my assurance, enabled me to scratch the surface of self-love and given me my voice. I understand how important 'the NOW' is when I am with you.

Through you, I understand trust and faith. Through you, I see a world of old becoming new and the wonderful spirit of renewal. Through you, I learn that fear is a mental concept that's become a stumbling block on my path. I see God in you, and seeing God in you, I am able, to finally, after decades of trying so hard...see God in myself.

Thank you Griffith Park.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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