Goodbye Zinga-Lama-Doobie

Thank you little furry, zen master that blessed us with your calm
Thank you for your gift
Many of us would never have allowed one such as you (the animal sort) into our lives
You gave us no other choice

You marched right in
Made your presence known
Demanded that we become better
And after knowing you... we have

We are more kind
More Sensitive
More alert
We care about others
We listen closer
Most importantly, we are now more aware
The patience you leave us with lives on

I'll miss your eyes most
The way you would watch as I ran from here to there
Your eyes encouraging me to relax and take it easy

After being orphaned from person to person
I can't blame you for choosing to rest in the non-transferable Utopian bliss

I'm grateful to have been one of the lucky ones that lived with you for awhile
My little fuzzy buddy, Z
When it was time for us to part my heart broke a bit
Your presence was a void
I'd feel you in the room only to notice you weren't there

I prayed for you
Sent air kisses to you
I hope you caught them

Today your soul remains
And what a soul it is
I feel you begging me to be good
Stay still awhile
Notice the beauty of nature
And live like never before

Dully- noted Mr. Z.


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