Dermalogica daily microfoliant- I need this in my life

I'm kind of a product junkie. Well, I used to be more of a product junkie in my other life. I have a disturbing knack for tracking down and becoming addicted to expensive products for either the hair or face. I couldn't buy anything for a few years. Imagine the withdrawals.

Nearly 5 years ago, I discovered this amazing Microfoliant via Mamie Mcdonald an amazing esthetician in NY. Between now and then, I've experienced many skin opportunities, including the dreaded, but beloved, Accutane treatment that forever changed the texture of my face- I've a love/hate relationship with that medication. Anywho, this is a rice-based, daily exfoliant and it is amazing! It's perfect for sensitive to normal to oily skin, men and woman, adults and children, in any climate!

It works as a toner as well as a healing serum for break-outs and swells. It's gentle on the face, leaves you with a clean appearance and heals those pesky, pulpous zits. There are many products out there geared to a particular skin type,  throughout my Accutane treatment my face transitioned from oily to dry and this product works well with both.

It would be considered an expensive product, but you get what you pay for, and besides, it's your FACE for heavens sake, why go cheap when it comes to your FACE?

The exfoliant retails for $50 but lasts 6-7 months and you only need to mix a pee-sized amount once a day. Actually, it's on sale here: www.askderm.com until tonight. So grab your 27% off (27 is a weird percent off btw) and watch this stuff magnify your skin.

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