For Okin (who is more than a Presence on the Couch)

and when i was empty
considering my soul
afraid of 
tomorrows identification
hiding in the dark
sinking deeper into closets
so that i wouldn't be exposed
in a world that labels everything
you came along
and loved me
for being kind and innocent
and free
and you came along
and spoke of how great
it all felt
me liberated
you maintaining your immunity
you even spoke 
of how it should look in the future
date me forever
you made sure i didn't hate myself
or judge others
you mentioned the likeness 
of you and my kin
reminding me that this was a 
similar road
on a different street
and you encouraged me to write
said i was vivid with language
and wasting a talent
to go out and know thyself
pour the emotions 
on paper
'til i found me
and now i turn the table
on you
i feel guilty
and at a loss
hoping to give
you some 
of the you that you
so generously
gave me

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