A New Earth

Have you ever had a book on your shelf for years before stopping and actually reading it? Thus was the case with me and this powerful tome. My Mom gave me the book when it was first released in 2008. I was meant to follow along with Oprah, and the rest of the world as Eckhart & her O-ness dissected the book, chapter by chapter via Skype. But...uh...NOPE. I wasn't ready. 

Ready. That's a funny word. Are we given, presented or exposed to things when we ARE actually ready or not ready? I believe the better term would be 'OPEN'. Afterall, the reality that I picked up the book nearly two years later would suggest that I wasn't open when initially gifted. 

So there I was in 2010, making another attempt to not waste paper or shelf space and read the darn thing. But just as happened in 2008, I, again wasn't able to comprehend what Tolle meant by the Ego, Pain-Body as separate from who we truly are. Huhn?! (Which is ultimately the crux of the book.)

So what did I do? I put it down again. However, this time subtle hints began to appear in my life. Anything from my out- of- wack emotions, to meeting someone who also read the book and actually, "Got it".  Again, I was told that it would help me understand the internal monster that was attempting to smuggle my life away. The proverbial straw that pushed me over the edge and into the depth of the book was when a co-worker walked in with it. I asked her view on the book and she informed me that she was only able to complete it because of the...Wait For It... FREE, Oprah Podcast available on Itunes. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!

How did I not know about this? Quickly, I scurry home and right there on the Oprah iTunes page are several, 1-2 hour conversations that analyze the book, one chapter at a time. Conversations with everyday people are presented and Oprah and Eckhardt read a few pages as the talks begin. I'm In Heaven! 

"I get it! I've Got it! I've always had it", says the Oracle. 

Immediately I began a self-study workshop. I listened as I was cooking, on the train, on the bus, at lunch, etc. etc. I would then re-read the chapter to consume it's objective. I was fully prepared to cure myself. 

And at the onset, I was doing just that. But you ever have that feeling that everything is in its right place and suddenly a gnarly challenge approaches? Kinda like a Southern Florida day, where the sun is shining one moment then... BOOM, Thunder & Lightening!? That's exactly what happened with me.

And the rest...you'll read about later. 

Stay tuned!

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