On The Horizon: WE Moment

One thing will inevitably lead to the other. I'm so fortunate. My 40 day mediation is winding down and so many doors have been opened. Doors that were previously there, yet only perceived to be closed in my head. And with it, comes a new world. 

After our amazing show on Finding-Cupid Radio October 25, Tarsha, Amar and myself knew we had something special.

Through Divine Intervention (and over an amazing plate of Ethiopian food) an idea so simple and necessary was born. And I promise you this isn't going to be fly-by-night. We are planning and working through the kinks with the goal of creating an inspiring, interesting, entertaining experience for YOU! So tell your friends and family to follow us on Twitter using the handle: We Moment

We are on facebook, however our page is still under construction (and the same applies to our website). But, it's going to be HUGE! And WE are happy.

Thank You for supporting this journey...This Is IT Guys!

The WE Moment is HERE!

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