Note to self...

Each of you that takes the time to pop into this space and journey with me on this path of self-discovery (then returns for more) is in my thoughts this lovely, hazy morning. Thank you folks. My randomness has been a trademark since my youth. Thoughts dance about my head and it's necessary to get them out or they'll remain influx forever.

After deep reflection, I've come to understand the unrest in my head as it's been expressed in my life. The battle with what to do when I grow up or the desire to be in a healthy relationship have been suffocating thoughts for quite some time. The shift has finally come and with it clarity. But it hasn't come in the way they would depict on television or The Secret movie. No, my reality didn't knock on the door in the form of a new red bike.

My clarity came through getting still. Meditating. Frequently listening to the unknown has provided me with answers to the questions I didn't know I had. I thought that you had to do to receive, I've since realized that it's the not-doing that provided answers. Let me clarify. Not doing as in...not holding on or fearing. We all must get out there and live our lives, but not through force (as I had previously thought). Its no wonder I kept hitting the wall. A beautiful soul encouraged me to try trusting instead and I didn't listen for a few years, but when I did... it made a world of difference and you guys are seeing the results of that work.

I'm on a wonderful new path. Using trust as my guide. And my new rule, "No Suffering". 
I swear I could tattoo this statement all over my body. Suffering is a choice we all make. That's been the biggest lesson of all...choosing not to suffer. 

I'm living with a confidence the world saw, yet I didn't. Remembering that "I'm worthy". Most importantly, I have new eyes and open ears. I love it to. I do.

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