Embracing the the "both/and" versus, "either/or"

I ran across this passage by lawyer and blogger Alexis Neely and couldn't agree more. I too am learning to embrace all aspects of myself: the God-Lover, the corporate exec, writer, painter, the shoe-lover, spin instructor, aspiring yogi, romance lover and independent - everything lover. In other words...All That I Am.

Here Goes:

"One of the things I am learning is how to truly live the both/and of who I am.  I am finding the middle way of embracing all that I am and all that I am evolving to be -- Alexis Neely, the strong lawyer, the powerhouse entrepreneur and Ali Shanti, the free spirit -- all of me. What would it look like to embrace all of you in the best, most delicious mash-up of all times?  What part of you are you currently leaving behind in your current reality and would love to integrate, if only you could?"

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